Timeless 59FIFTY Silhouette Pushing Towards 70th Anniversary

New Releases in Commemoration of Iconic American Street Fashion

New Era – Classic 59FIFTY silhouette continues to win the hearts of many, endorsed both by fashion lovers and sports enthusiasts, the cap is well-loved by stylish people of varying tastes. As 59FIFTY enters into its 69th anniversary this year, New Era designates May 9th as the annual 59FIFTY DAY, celebrating with a great variety of designs in the iconic 59FIFTY silhouette, to commemorate timeless American street fashion and passing on the culture! 

Since designing and creating its first baseball caps for Cleveland Indians in 1934, New Era earned recognition among professional players for its great quality, which paved the way for New Era to become the exclusive headwear producer and distributer for Major League Baseball.

The well-known 59FIFTY is a revised version of New Era’s debut baseball cap. All details are expertly executed with an elaborated 22-step procedure that involves sewing and embroidering, resulting in a perfect headwear that stands the test of time. The fitted 59FIFTY adopts a closed-back design, with no mechanism for adjustment, the caps are offered at different sizes for wearers to shop according to their own measurement. The fine range of options ensures comfort and a great wearing experience as if providing a tailored fit for every wearer. The retro Brooklyn-style flat visor is topped with a brand sticker -- a chic, playful accessory that shot to fame in the 90s with the rise of hip-hop and rap culture, the statement item became a must-have fashion staple. 59FIFTY quickly took over the fashion world as an unstoppable force, opening doors for New Era to tap into American street fashion and become a highly-regarded headwear brand.

In honor of the classic 59FIFTY collection, New Era designates May 9th as the annual 59FIFTY DAY, and sets out to celebrate the exciting day with a variety of events. To reintroduce the unique statement headwear to the public, and to build a community for 59FIFTY enthusiasts, so that timeless American street fashion can be carried forward. This year, New Era is releasing a range of 59FIFTY DAY Special headwear, offering over 17 designs in multiple colorways in Hong Kong boutiques and online store. From styles to sizes, select as you see fit, to bring out your own personal style. Let’s celebrate 59FIFTY DAY!

LAUNCH DATE: Available Now. Click here for more details.