Japanese Styling En Vogue NEW ERA「BORO」Collection Plays with Retro Japanese Quilts

[Hong Kong, 8 September 2022] New Era, American headwear brand that has been leading trends in lifestyle and fashion since 1920, once again launches the BORO adult headwear and apparel collection featuring retro Japanese quilts this early fall. Japanese styles have a strong fan base among fashion lovers, the latest BORO items stylishly combine Japanese elements with American street fashion, creating compelling visual contrasts with unique quilt patterns.

"BORO" originated from "ボロ" in Japanese, which literally means "tatters", to describe ragged, worn-down outfits. In the Edo period, peasant workers often had to mend their workwear with scraps of garments, the BORO artform is born from this practice of piecing together spare or would-be-discarded fabrics to extend the clothing longevity. The technique has been passed down and evolved into a trending fashion element today.

The latest BORO styles this season can be found on four silhouettes: 59FIFTY, 9FIFTY, 9FORTY and bucket hat. With denim indigo base tone, artisan quilting techniques are applied with the skillful use of white threads, creating a stronger visual contrast that mimics traditional Japanese form of stitching. 59FIFTY and 9FIFTY are both embroidered with New York Yankees logo in the front, while 9FORTY and bucket hat are covered in New York Yankees prints all over. Japanese elements and American styles are perfectly woven together for a unique street fashion look.  

LAUNCH DATE: Available Now. Click here for more details.