NEW ERA Year End Holidays Special: FESTIVAL FLORAL Collection

Flowers in Bloom Encapsulated in Unique Camouflage Print for Refreshed Street Fashion Looks

New Era brings NEW ERA FESTIVAL FLORAL Collection this November for a holiday party theme. Classic and retro blooms are merged into a myriad of headwear and apparels. Sitting atop a black or white base, the iconic brand logo receives a unique camouflage pattern formed by floral motifs, and is available on a total of eight headwear designs and three apparel items. Simple yet stylish, the new items are essential for everyday styling!

Headwear from NEW ERA FESTIVAL FLORAL Collection adopts black or white as the base palette, to draw visual contrast with the blooming flowers embellished on top, available silhouettes include 9FIFTY, 9FORTY, 9FORTY A-FRAME, TAPERED BUCKET and BUCKET 01. 9FIFTY, 9FORTY in both black and white options and BUCKET 01 are seen with floral details either under the visor, or completely washed in floral prints over panels and crowns. MLB team emblems are similarly given a new floral camouflage aesthetics before being embroidered onto the front, serving an understated charm. One style each in 9FORTY, 9FORTY A-FRAME and BUCKET 01 silhouettes are overprinted with the full bloom pattern, all standing out in their own rights ready for you to pick your choice.

In addition, FESTIVAL FLORAL collection offers three apparel items, including a short-sleeves T-shirt for men, a short-sleeves T-shirt for women and a long-sleeves sweatshirt, all with black as the main color. NEW YORK and MLB team logos are filled with florals, then emblazoned onto the front of the shirts. A relaxed and versatile aesthetic is integrated to the outfits, presenting great options for fashionistas who intend to keep their cool during the holiday season.

LAUNCH DATE: Available Now. Click here for more details. 



Men’s short-sleeves T-shirt / Women’s short-sleeves T-shirt/ Long-sleeves T-shirt