NEW ERA Releases VACATION CLUB Collection

Vacation-ready Headwear and Apparel for Chill Island Escapes this Summer

Summer calls for a chilling island escape, somewhere far away from everyday hustle and bustle, where sunlight envelops your body, relaxes your mind, and sends you down memory lane to the nice, long holidays back in school days when there’s no strict plans to adhere to. New Era is releasing VACATION CLUB headwear and apparel collection for adults this May, bringing 6 headwear and 8 apparel items themed on summer vacays. The casual yet stylish American leisure fashion helps you to fully unwind on the laid-back holidays to come! 

VACATION CLUB collection extends the New Era Club design concept, drawing inspiration from sea waves, the unique headwear and apparel are created for the season specifically. The collection soaks up all nature and summer-related motifs like coconut trees, sunshine and waves, to be the key design elements for the 5 silhouettes, 9FIFTY, 9FORTY, 9FORTY AF, BUCKET 01 and FEDORA. Blue and black are the base tones for 9FIFTY, 9FORTY, 9FORTY AF and BUCKET 01, representing day and night of a holiday respectively. Apart from the prominent waves print, the 9FIFTY and 9FORTY AF silhouettes also feature “VACATION” and a coconut tree logo in embroidery in the front, adding an air of playfulness to the look. The back panels of 9FORTY AF are made of mesh for added comfort and breathability, crucial for outdoor activities. On top of that, the VACATION CLUB collection introduces FEDORA silhouette in straw material, decorated with a fabric band in blue waves print for added summer vibes. Put it on when you sit by the shore at golden hour, letting the last ray of sun gently fall on you as you enjoy a refreshing fuzzy drink, fully indulging in the holiday retreat.

In addition, VACATION CLUB collection offers matching apparel and accessories, a total of 5 summer must-have items including tank tops, Crop Tee for women, shirts, shorts and flip-flops. The first two are printed with New Era logo, coconut trees, waves and other vacation-themed graphics, the tank tops are available in navy blue and ivory colors; the shirts and shorts are covered in waves print, and can be worn as Co-Ords, suiting attire for the beach; both made of 100% polyester, a smooth and quick-drying textile perfect for outdoor activities. The VACATION CLUB collection releases FLIP FLOPS in black and charcoal, topped with New Era logo, the simple design offers ease and comfort. Make you pick now, to create refreshing summer looks!

LAUNCH DATE: Available Now. Click here for more details.