NEW ERA Collaborates with Flakey, Fashion Label of Frankie, Again

On Crossover Headwear and Apparel and the Debut of Mini Cap-shaped Coin Pouch and Cap Pin Pouch

Minimalist Aesthetics with Playful Splash Ink Details to Kick Start New Rising Trends

New Era partners once again with Flakey, a local streetwear brand founded by popular boy band member Frankie, on crossover designs for 59FIFTY, 9FORTY UNST, beanie, apparel and accessories. Endorsing a unique splash ink pattern in iconic New Era embroidery and a brand logo, the outstanding designs manifest street fashion style.

The latest New Era x Flakey limited crossover collection will be available for pre-order from January 26 on New Era and Flakey online stores, a limited quantity will be available in designated New Era Hong Kong branches and online store from February 19.

Local streetwear brand Flakey is founded by popular boy band member Frankie, providing leisure fashion apparel that cater to the masses. Known for its tasteful approach in weaving together a variety of styles, including Yama and street style, the brand has earned a spot in the watch list of fashion lovers. Originated from Cantonese slang “Fong Fey Gei(Fly Airplane)”,  meaning to be stood up by someone. Timing is one of the key defining elements for success in life, the brand intends to remind the public to seize every opportunity. Frankie was in a low time in life when he established the brand, later when he readjusted and set out on his journey again, he realized that real success is determined by how well the process is being handled, that success might be “standing up” on you momentarily, it would eventually return on track. The brand philosophy is to motivate everyone to face every challenge with a positive attitude, so that success will be drawn to you naturally.

New Era x Flakey’s first crossover collection last year was an instant hit, with most items sold out completely on the launch date. Following last year’s success, the two brands partner up once again to create headwear, apparel and accessories. For headwear, popular silhouettes 59FIFTY, 9FORTY UNST and beanie are offered in black, with the brand name FLAKEY proudly sitting in the front accompanied by the splash ink design motif; for apparel, two long-sleeves t-shirts are offered in black and earthy tones, with the brand logo printed in the chest area, FLAKEY on the back. The themed splash ink motif can be found subtly decorating the sleeves. Made with organic cotton, the t-shirts are made to be comfortable and stylish for everyday styling. The refreshing crossover collection introduces accessories for the first time, coming in a total of two styles, a cap pin pouch and a mini cap-shaped coin pouch, both offered in black and gray, in perfect coordination with the headwear. Get your hands on them before it is too late!

The 59FIFTY, 9FORTY UNST headwear and accessories in this crossover collection are made with patented eco material REPREVE®, which is created from recycled plastic bottles or wastes, the durable material is lightweight and breathable, causing no irritation even for a full-day’s wear, striking a perfect balance between sustainability and comfort.

LAUNCH DATE: February 19,2024



Long-Sleeves T-shirt

Cap Pouch Bag / mini Cap Pouch Keychain